Nature Is Our Teacher

The incredible nature of Puerto Rico—from the warm sandy beaches to the lush tropical rainforest— serves as both the backdrop and the teacher for much of our work together. We utilize the ecosystems and wisdom of nature to inspire meaningful lessons on accessing and leveraging our own true nature to transform the way we work and live. 


This is part of what sets us apart from most other corporate wellness companies, who conduct powerpoint trainings in poorly lit, stuffy, indoor environments not conducive to learning.

We create specialized programing to meet your team or individual needs. Our workplace wellness experts are on hand to offer workplace wellness skills training, corporate leadership coaching, and unique team building workshops, all in a nature-inspired setting. 

Experiential Learning

Our workplace wellness trainings are anything but ordinary. All of our coaches and teachers are uniquely trained to facilitate experiential learning, especially out in nature. Here’s some examples of what you or your team might do at one of our workplace wellness retreats: 


  • Learn about emotional intelligence in the ocean

  • Discover healthy communication and listening styles utilizing the sounds of the rainforest

  • Gain greater access to your inner wisdom through meditation in nature

  • Learn how to use breath work to become stress-resistant 

  • Beachside team building competitions 

  • Sensory food experiences 

Skills for Transformation

Workplace wellness is about so much more than eating right at work and doing yoga with your coworkers at lunch. Whether we’re working with an individual or a team, our intention is to completely transform the way you relate to yourself, your coworkers, and your creativity at work. We teach lasting skills to… 


  • Eliminate root causes of burnout

  • Decode whole body wisdom

  • Become an inspirational leader who inspires productivity and loyalty

  • Work smarter, not harder

  • Infuse easy and practical health habits into your daily work life

  • Boost energy and prevent work stress related illness 

  • Communicate with co-workers and bosses with ease, and authenticity

  • Collaborate with your team effectively 

  • Infuse more play and fun into your day