An environment that feeds your passion


We have created a magical, high-vibration space for you to engage with your personal growth process, have deep conversations with others, and enjoy the surrounding natural environment. 


Our grounds are filled with lush vegetation. We have old, fruiting mango trees, acerola (cherry), pineapple, parcha (passion fruit) vines, papayas, bananas, plantain, and cooking herbs. A small trail wraps around the backside of the property through the rainforest and is available for guests to use. 

Our focus has been to create environments for you to connect with nature in a way that reminds you that you too are nature, and you deserve to be free from the stress and overwhelm that prevents you from being in a state of ease and flow.

For those of you interested in the specifics of our accommodations, we have provided floor plans below including the names so you can locate the nature spirit of each room. Overall, the structure has 3 floors and a rooftop terrace. On the 1st floor you'll find our reception, entrance space and (2) of our sleeping rooms. The 2nd floor has (5) sleeping rooms, and the reflection room, a gathering space that includes hammocks, books, and a balcony. The third floor is where you'll find the kitchen, dining area and common space. This floor is also where the owner resides along with Honey the dog (director of security) and Sunshine the cat (director of pest control). Our spacious rooftop terrace is where our morning movement classes take place. This area is also used for sun worshiping, ecstatic dance, cacao ceremonies, moonrise gatherings, and star gazing.


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Casa Alternavida was developed out of an old structure that had been abandoned for 7 years, left with no windows, doors, electrical wiring or plumbing and overtaken by nature. It was in significant disrepair, yet the original architecture was intact enough to create what it is today, a new space to support the transformation of others.

Purchased months before hurricanes Irma and Maria in 2017, the project ended up going on hold for a year while the island recovered and eventually restored cell service and electricity. Due to the shortage of construction workers post hurricane the project ended up being built by the owner Yancy Wright, and (2) dedicated construction workers Daniel Bermudez and Jose Johnson King. A labor of love, this house has had a lot of care and attention put into its transformation. 



Every room at Casa Alternavida has a nature spirit associated with it and thanks to local artist Heidi Martinez, we also have a custom mural in each room to bring the spirit alive. As a single mother she worked throughout the pandemic, often with her daughter Coral, to beautify each space. An amazing collaborator, she continues to be part of our Casa Alternavida family. If you have a group in need of art classes she is a fun resource. You can learn more about her work here.