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Casa Alternavida

Ramon (nature guide), Priscila (yoga, massage, ceremonies), Cinthia & Lorraine (house beautification), Glenda Ponce (Operations Manager), Karla (massage & nature guide) Yancy Wright (Facilitator/Owner)

Dedicated to the principals of authenticity. Inspired by seeing guests transform.

We are the Casa Alternavida team, brought together by shared purpose and passion. We have fun working together as diverse individuals learning and growing alongside our guests. If you are curious about joining us for a retreat, please feel free to call, email or message us, we do not have a phone tree, just a live person with a smile waiting to support you.

Casa Alternavida


Founded on the principle that there are healthier, “alternative” ways to balance life and work, the Spanish words alterna (alternative) and vida (life) were combined to create our business name, Casa Alternavida. The alternative is to stop the unconscious addiction to stress, overwhelm, and struggle to instead focus on a healthy, balanced lifestyle that yields better results. We do our best to walk our own talk in how we show up to work each day, resourced, passionate, and curious about what exciting things might unfold.


Our team of practitioners are trained to support you with unraveling those unconscious commitments so you can actively create the lifestyle you want to be living. Your time with us will help you take charge of your well-being and re-set bad habits. Our programming has proven tools and techniques so you can leave with a game plan to continue supporting yourself after your stay




Owner, Coach & Nature Guide

Yancy is a guide to the unconscious realm. He supports teams and leaders with better connecting to nature and themselves by unraveling core issues holding them back from what they really want. His focus the last 7 years has been on corporate well-being and conscious leadership leveraging his own experiences of the corporate world and depth of experience as a Hendricks Institute Leadership & Transformation Coach and HeartMath Institute Coach.



Yoga, Meditation, & Massage

Grounded in years of teaching restorative yoga, Prascila blends a wide range of modalities and her own intuitive approach to connect guests back to their natural state of natural movement. She facilitates yoga, breathwork, meditation, massage, reiki, and more. A wealth of resources, we are grateful to have her as our morning movement instructor and primary massage practitioner.



Breathwork, Cacao & Fire Ceremonies

An old soul, Danny is here after years of travel and teaching breathwork, meditation and other practices in Bali, Australia and the US. He holds a high level of presence, kindness, and groundedness to support your learning process.

Heidi Martinez.jpeg


Artist, Art instructor

An extremely talented artist that created all the murals at Casa Alternavida, Heidi has been teaching art for years and loves working with our guests. She teaches the creative art making process in a way that also supports the exploration of your emotions. As a form of art therapy, you are not required to be an artist to participate in one of her classes.



Mindshift Coach & Foundation Training

Certified through the Hendricks Institute, Patrick is both a Big Leap Coach and a Leadership and Transformation Coach. With a focus on conscious communication for couples and individuals he guides others towards developing self-awareness and practicing easy-to-implement habits that add up to big changes. When something feels "off" his moto is "Work what hurts worst first." He loves supporting people as they unlock and enhance their felt-sense of aliveness, happiness, and ability to be at their best in any situation.



Facilitator, Coach & Energy Worker

A soulFULL teacher for change makers, soul seekers, intuitive curious and heart centered leaders. Leah is the co-creator of the REVEAL Retreat, author of the book Modern Fear The Invisible Prison, and she is a certified XCHANGE Guide and
intenSati Leader. In addition, she has an in-depth understanding of sociology, reiki, craniosacral therapy and coaching. Her mission is to support other leaders, so that collectively we all rise together.


Our Practitioners
Casa Alternavida


Located at the Southern tip of the Bermuda triangle, we are strategically aligned so guests often feel time expand and their busy, stressful outside world disappear. 


Geographically, we are nestled between the El Yunque National rainforest and the warm turquoise ocean water so it’s easy to experience the cycle of fresh mountain rainwater in the river on down to where it pours into the ocean. 


Only 30 minutes from the San Juan international airport, our location is easy after a long day of travel. 

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