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Unlock the Potential of Your Leadership & Team

Step into a guided personal growth adventure in the heart of nature. Our retreats are designed to deepen connections, build trust and elevate team engagement by learning and practicing conscious communication skills. With the Alternavida method, you’ll not only minimize stress, overwhelm, and burnout but also transform traditional business challenges into strategic advantages for unprecedented growth. In a fast-paced world where businesses face continual challenges, prioritizing an intentional culture is as crucial as financial success. 


 Witness your team transform and revitalize your corporate culture.

Taking great teams to the next level

Casa Alternavida
Casa Alternavida
Casa Alternavida
Casa Alternavida
Casa Alternavida
Casa Alternavida
Casa Alternavida
Casa Alternavida
Casa Alternavida
Casa Alternavida
Casa Alternavida
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A transformational experience that people will remember for a lifetime.  

Our promise: to provide purpose driven teams with a sanctuary where facilitated professional development opens the door to profound mindset shifts and a mastery in conscious leadership.We are a boutique facility with a team that enjoys curating unique programming. We like to get people out of their heads and into their body intelligence so they can re-learn how to play, adventure, and take risks.



  • Overnight accommodations up to 12 ppl  

  • Single + Double occupancy guest rooms designed with inspiration from nature

  • 6 en suite bathrooms, 2 include an outdoor shower

  • Air conditioning, operable windows, towels, soap

  • Many gathering spaces 

    • Rooftop 

    • Balconies 

    • Classrooms

    • Living room 

    • Dining room

  • Soothing surround sounds of nature

  • Gated entrance to ensure a safe and secure experience ​



  • Full retreat facilitation by seasoned professional

  • Well-being assessment

  • Agenda & logistics planning

  • Fully staffed with healthy food chef & assistants

  • Nature adventure guide & team building facilitation

  • Rainforest locations

  • Beach locations


  • Puerto Rico – US Territory (no passport required)

  • 30 minute drive from international airport

  • Warm ocean and weather year round


Yancy Rio Grande2.jpg


Owner, Coach & Nature Guide

Yancy is a guide to the unconscious realm. He supports teams and leaders with better connecting to nature and themselves by unraveling core issues holding them back from what they really want. He’s been a behavior change facilitator and corporate leader for 17 years.

After experiencing a career burnout as a leader in the green building industry, he shifted to leverage his lessons learned by creating unique transformational experiences for people to participate in life as nature intended; simple, regenerative, healthy, and full of joy.

His focus the last 8 years has been on healthy communication and conscious leadership. With a masters degree in Architecture he creates unique learning structures while leveraging his depth of experience as a Hendricks Institute Leadership & Transformation Coach and HeartMath Institute coach.



Facilitator and Coach

Leah is extremely effective as an XCHANGE Guide facilitator and intenSati Leader. A soulFULL teacher for change makers and heart centered leaders, her bright energy is inspiring and playful. Leah is the co-creator of the REVEAL Retreat, author of the book Modern Fear The Invisible Prison, and she has an in-depth understanding of sociology, reiki, craniosacral therapy and coaching.
Her journey of transformation began with knowing life was not meant to be lived in suffering. She found herself being held as prisoner of her own fears and past trauma drama. So as a life long student and a leader in self-discovery she now teaches others how to move beyond limiting beliefs supporting those that want to lead others, so that collectively we all rise together.



“Everything was perfection, your team really has the power to change people's lives, your presentation was short and concise, the food was incredible, and your group exercises and discussions exemplified the power and unlimited potential of our amazing team. Thank you for showing us the path forward and importance of emotional intelligence.”

CEO - Pravan Health

“I have been in EO for 10 years and this forum retreat was the most inspirational/impactful as Yancy  guided us through several powerful transformational exercises that helped me better connect with  myself and my EO forum mates while being in nature. He curated our entire retreat agenda and  supported us with one of the deepest forum gatherings to date. Historically, we just have a speaker  come for an hour, but it was much better having Yancy the whole time and we all agreed it was our best forum retreat EVER!" 


Founder & CEO  

Swift HR Solutions, Inc.  (EO Seattle)

“You have become part of our Tito's family. I can't thank you enough for helping us over the years, taking our company to a whole new level with a resilient wellbeing program that has helped keep us connected during the pandemic. It has been exactly what we needed.”

Director of Philanthropy - Tito's

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