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How to Build Long Lasting Wellness Habits

You know what it takes to be healthy. Eating cleanly. Keeping hydrated. Getting healthy sleep and regular exercise. Maintaining an emotionally, physically, and spiritually fulfilling work/life balance. It seems simple enough in the abstract. But, in practice, the matter is often far more complicated.

The truth is that if you’re looking to implement a healthy lifestyle change, desire is not enough. If it were, then that fitness club membership you purchased for the New Year would not be collecting dust by mid-February. That Peloton would not be sitting neglected in a shady corner of your den.

How to Build Long Lasting Wellness Habits

The Myth of Willpower

One of the most important reasons your fitness regime fails before the ink is even dry on your latest gym membership is because all too often you’re starting on the wrong foundation. Our good old American can-do spirit teaches us that we can do anything if we just set our mind to it.

If we fail, well then, the fault is not in our stars, but in ourselves. We simply did not want it badly enough. We simply did not have the willpower to see it through.