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Important update from Yancy about Casa Alternavida

Yancy - Casa Alternavida

We are celebrating our first full year of operations!

In 2013, when I first had a vision to create a retreat center, I would have never guessed it would take so long to create what has now become a safe space for people to get away, regroup, and explore life challenges with the support of high quality practitioners and amazing food.

The hurdles along the way have been extensive and unpredictable. Things like the 2015 economic crisis in Puerto Rico, 2016 Zika virus cancellations, back to back hurricanes in 2017 (during construction), no electricity for almost a year, the 2019/2020/2021 COVID pandemic, and my mom passing away from pancreatic cancer.

These all have made the vision for Casa Alternavida that much stronger, creating openings for me to deepen my own personal growth, tempering me with more patience, and ultimately giving me perspective into what so many people in the world are currently experiencing with drastic, constant and challenging change.

It feels like we have finally arrived! We have a phenomenal team of locals dedicated to co-creating the vision of providing transformational retreat experiences for our guests. We have recently been highlighted in Travel + Leisure, PBS, Men’s Health, Air Canada, El Nuevo Dia, and other publications. Our reviews in TripAdvisor and Google Business are authentic and extensive, with guests raving about the results from their experience.

With an amazing team in place and the big construction completed, I have more time to be present to why this place was built in the first place, to support me in a quality of work life balance that in return supports those that come here for help in such a way that it’s easy and effortless.

To that end, we have an important change to announce….

We are increasing our rates starting October 1st, adjusting for the quality, high-touch service and programming that we now offer. If you’re thinking of booking a retreat between now and January 1st, you can do so at the current rates if you book before October 1st.

We want to thank you for supporting Casa Alternavida in our first year of business and give you this chance to book a retreat at our initial prices before a change in rates.

For those of you that have already done a retreat with us, we will include a 1hr massage at no extra cost when you book a minimum 2 nights.

If you want to book a full house wellness retreat for your team, friends, or family, please contact us directly for a quote.

Thank you for your support and for celebrating with us!



Casa Alternavida

Casa Alternavida was founded on the principle that there are healthier, “alternative” ways to balance life and work. This alternative is to stop the unconscious addiction to stress, overwhelm, and struggle to focus on a healthy, balanced lifestyle that yields better results. Our practitioners are trained to support you with unraveling those unconscious commitments so you can actively create the lifestyle you want to be living, take charge of your well-being, and reset bad habits. We are experts at creating playful experiences in nature that inspire deep personal insight and long-term positive behavior change. Teams walk away from our facility with new excitement for their projects, practices to work smarter, and a deep appreciation of their companies. If you are a business that cares about your employees and wants to enhance your workplace culture, we are dedicated to providing alternative ways of building resilient leaders and teams.


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