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Important update from Yancy about Casa Alternavida

Yancy - Casa Alternavida

We are celebrating our first full year of operations!

In 2013, when I first had a vision to create a retreat center, I would have never guessed it would take so long to create what has now become a safe space for people to get away, regroup, and explore life challenges with the support of high quality practitioners and amazing food.

The hurdles along the way have been extensive and unpredictable. Things like the 2015 economic crisis in Puerto Rico, 2016 Zika virus cancellations, back to back hurricanes in 2017 (during construction), no electricity for almost a year, the 2019/2020/2021 COVID pandemic, and my mom passing away from pancreatic cancer.

These all have made the vision for Casa Alternavida that much stronger, creating openings for me to deepen my own personal growth, tempering me with more patience, and ultimately giving me perspective into what so many people in the world are currently experiencing with drastic, constant and challenging change.

It feels like we have finally arrived! We have a pheno