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Unleashing the Power of Manifestation

Unleashing the Power of Manifestation

Remember when you were a kid? That sense of boundless optimism, of endless possibility? It was as if the whole world were laid out at your feet and all you had to do to embark on the life’s journey of your dreams is take that first step. The future was one big, bright, beautiful mystery.

But then you grew up. Life began to knock you around a bit, as life does. And, one by one, all those dreams started to fade away. Those around you called it “growing up” or “being realistic.” Those social assumptions feed our unconscious limiting beliefs, diminishing our optimism. That layering on of cynicism and complacency is all around us and seems to increase with age.

Today, however, many adults are reawakening to the magical secret that all children are born with, but gradually lose along their path to adulthood: The belief that if you set an intention and visualize it happening, it becomes a reality.

Some may call it magical thinking. Others might criticize it as a childlike delusion. We refer to it as manifestation; it’s real, and it works. This article will explore the mechanics of manifestation and the science behind it to help you unleash its power in creating the life you want.