Meaningful and memorable personal growth experiences

We recognize that a retreat is a very personal decision so we have created a options for you. We have Personalized Retreats for individuals and couples and Themed Retreats if you are inspired to go deeper into a particular subject. Please see our Teambuilding page if you are inquiring about a retreat for a Group or Organization.

(included in room pricing below)

  • Pre-arrival assessment

  • 3 organic meals per day

  • Guided nature adventures (rainforest & beach)

  • Movement classes

  • Personalized retreat program

  • Juices, tea, coffee, filtered water and snacks


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Our standard rate is for one person so be sure to add additional people when you book to cover inclusions of food, movement classes and guided nature adventures.


As you reserve your retreat dates you will also see our added services (massage, coaching, etc.). If you are a last minute booking please call to confirm availability 



Experience a retreat that focuses on specific transformational topics while having fun and learning with individuals who share similar experiences. Our science-backed, nature steeped, themed retreats provide an opportunity to laser focus on specific topics related to personal and professional growth, healthy lifestyle practices and more.

  • Awakening the Light Within
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    Thu, Jun 09
    Casa Alternavida
    A Daybreak Yoga retreat with Dawn M. Rivers at Casa Alternavida in Rio Grande, Puerto Rico
  • REVEAL Retreat
    Wed, Oct 05
    Casa Alternavida
    We believe every woman should experience the power of being witnessed for exactly who they are. We facilitate and photograph your quest to intimate self-connection through reflective self-care to REVEAL the beauty and light that resides within.
  • Where the Wild Things Are
    Thu, Oct 13
    Casa Alternada
    A wild and playful retreat experience for focusing on the power of embracing our inner child and the magic that can happen when you allow more fun into your life.
  • Wellbeing by Design Retreat
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    Wed, Jun 15
    Casa Alternavida
    A Wellbeing Retreat for Daily Creative Renewal with A+D Yogini, Megan Mazzocco at Casa Alternavida in Rio Grande, Puerto Rico


Want more during your all inclusive stay with us? Below you'll find a variety of transformational experiences and additional offerings, each facilitated by one of our passionate practitioners and coaches. To add one or more to your booking simply complete the checkout process and you'll be presented with a menu of the following options to chose from.



Meditation is an amazing tool for any human in the modern world. Quiet your thoughts and experience peace. This service is for anyone regardless of experience. You can expect your practitioner to lead you through a brief guided meditation based on your preference of focus. Other methods for creating mindfulness may be offered such as journaling exercises, oracle card pulling or sound healing. 

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Ease into healing with a peaceful 60 or 90-minute massage. Our talented practitioners will work closely with you to uncover and release physical, mental or emotional blocks. We offer a combination of Swedish, deep tissue, myofascial release, sports massage, prenatal massage, reflexology, craniosacral therapy, aromatherapy and lymphatic drainage. These can be combined upon request or as needed the day of the session. 



A 90 minute Rapid Transformation session for individuals and partners. Our certified coaching experts will guide and support you in creating mindset shifts and unraveling unconscious commitments. Our tips and techniques will help you deepen your connection to yourself and others with practical tools and emotional intelligence. Most of our guests are blown away at the progress they notice after just one session. 

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A rooftop cacao ceremony under the blue sky at sunset. Guided by a local practitioner, this peaceful addition to your stay includes movement and interactive exercises to support heart opening. A blissful experience for individuals, couples and groups alike. Enjoy ceremonial grade cacao from Peru and uncover your capacity to receive and experience life with an open heart.



Experience the power of the breath. You will be guided through specific breathing exercises and techniques. This potent and revitalizing practice is known to offer instant benefits impacting the autonomic nervous system, lowering heart rate, regulating blood pressure and decreasing the amount of stress hormones released in the body.

lightened fire ceremony.jpg


Embrace your inner fire during this interactive experience. We'll take you to a remote beach at sunset where you'll create a fire and discover the powerful capacity of this element both within you and as a tool for releasing and letting go of what you no longer need to carry. Our fire ceremony is a transformational two hour guided event and is for individuals and groups of all sizes.