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Fresh perspective for a more fulfilling life.


Casa Alternavida is a boutique wellness retreat center located in Puerto Rico offering a high-touchpoint, guided retreat experience for curious, growth-minded individuals and groups.


Our approach is to get people out of their heads and into their body, a vast and commonly untapped intelligence that can bring deep insight and guidance. We work with nature as a metaphor during our daily adventures, supporting mindset shifts that give our guests opportunities to reconnect to their essential self.



Inspire renewed passion, refreshed purpose, and strengthened connection to nature and yourself.

Our all-inclusive, customizable retreat experiences help make travel stress free.

Our Offerings
Casa Alternavida


For individuals and couples interested in prioritizing their wellbeing. Whether you are experiencing a major life change, career burn-out, loss of a loved one, or desiring an annual tune-up we enjoy customizing memorable experiences.  These retreats are ongoing and can happen anytime that there is a date available for booking.

Casa Alternavida


Enhancing your corporate culture? Prioritizing your employees wellbeing? In need of strengthening team collaboration and building trust? We offer focused, tailored, facilitated retreats for organizations and teams. Our CEO has over 18 year’s of experience working on corporate behavior change and knows how to inspire mindset shifts with teams out in nature.

Casa Alternavida

For anyone seeking a high-value opportunity to transform their life with a particular focus. If you are feeling overwhelmed or burn-out you might consider the Playfulness Retreat, Reveal Retreat. or Super Hero Make-over retreat, each designed to help you discover unconscious aspects of yourself holding you back from what you really want. These retreats are open to the public and have a set date and duration.

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Yancy Wright

Yancy Wright


My inspiration in designing and building Casa Alternavida was to create a safe space for people to get away, regroup, and explore life challenges with the support of high quality practitioners and amazing food. After a career burnout resulting in a near death experience in 2012 I realized many people could use a solution like this.


After 10 years of facilitating retreats and renting other facilities on the island and around the world I learned a lot. Our guests consistently share how much they love our authentic, personalized approach and the high level of intention and care they experience from the space and all of our team members. We take pride in the magical moments that happen. Our team of passionate Boricua’s (locals) will likely warm your heart as they have mine. Since this is also my home, they have become family to me. You will have the gift of getting to know this beautiful island through them and become part of our family. 


Our All-Inclusive Retreat includes: Pre-arrival assessment, a nature inspired room, three organic meals a day, daily guided nature adventures, morning movement class, and refreshments.

Casa Alternavida

Move Daily

Our morning ritual is a rooftop, sunrise movement class while overlooking the national rainforest followed by a morning nature adventure and afternoon beach walk/swim.

Casa Alternavida

Sleep Soundly

The rooms are programmed energetically to support deep, quality sleep with the support of a nature inspired interior design theme, views to nature, and comfortable beds and pillows.

Casa Alternavida

Eat Cleanly

Our food is medicine for the soul. Our in-house chef, Ivonne Martinez, puts a lot of love and attention into creating culturally rich recipes inspired by her grandmother. 

Casa Alternavida

Hydrate Often

Our infused waters, local fruit juices, mocktails, teas, and filtered rainwater are of the highest quality to support optimal hydration during your stay.

Casa Alternavida

Breathe Deeply

We provide reminders to assist with deep, intentional belly breathing as a nervous system reset practice.

Casa Alternavida


Our guests end up reconnecting to their younger self while here, re-learning how easy it is to laugh and have fun when being present in rich natural settings and being challenged in safe ways.

Additional services are available for guests who want to take their transformation to the next level. 



This is an All-Inclusive Retreat. Our standard rate is for one person so be sure to add additional people when you book to cover inclusions of food, movement classes and guided nature adventures. As you reserve your retreat dates you will also see our added services (massage, coaching, etc.).


For last minute booking or if you would like to make a reservation more than three months out please call us. 

Blissful Butterfly

Blissful Butterfly

Experience complete joy in our Blissful Butterfly room. This is a sunny, 2nd floor room with a queen size bed and a desk along with a vintage armoire. You'll find your very own private outdoor shower and patio space covered with passion fruit vines. All rooms include shampoo, conditioner, clean towels and wash cloths. Room rates include daily organic meals, movement classes, guided nature adventures, coffee, tea, filtered water, and snacks.

Creative Coqui

Creative Coqui

Tap into your imagination in our Creative Coqui room. This is a 2nd floor room, with two painted, antique four-poster beds (twin size) and two desks. The bathroom includes a shower and vanity and you will find a second vanity outside of the bathroom as well. All rooms include shampoo, conditioner, clean towels and wash cloths. Room rates include daily organic meals, movement classes, guided nature adventures, coffee, tea, filtered water, and snacks.

Our rooms are more than places to rest your head—they are welcoming sanctuaries.  

Click here to view all Guest Rooms.



I have never stayed in a retreat space where I experienced as much care, intention, and loving attention to detail as Casa Alternavida. From the level of intention in the design, spirit-infused rooms, to the exquisite meals by chef Ivonne, to the nourishing and deeply meaningful nature excursions, the owner Yancy and his wonderful staff have created a safe, sacred, and magical space for deep inner transformation.


Casa Alternavida was AMAZING! Planning a retreat with them was easy and they thought of all of the details. The staff was phenomenal. The nature adventures were spectacular. The food... OMG... the food YUM. As a retreat facilitator this venue is a MUST. We appreciate the team so much for supporting our event and sharing their gifts with our group


Words really can't express how amazing Casa Alternavida is. We rented the full facility for a 5 night retreat and from the pick up to drop off it was purely magical. As a retreat facilitator I felt fully supported. The food, nature adventures, ceremony and space amplified our retreat in unexpected ways. Every detail intentionally thought out. Every woman cared for. Thank you so much Casa Alternavida! I can't wait to bring the next retreat here.


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