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Alternavida’s Methodology for Executive Leadership & Team Transformation

Casa Alternavida's Venn Diagram of Leadership

Most businesses are being faced with new challenges and rarely have time to focus on building an intentional culture. Thriving organizations prioritize their culture just as much as their financials because they know one cannot exist for very long without the other. The Alternavida method of facilitation and group coaching is for learning and growth minded organizations wanting a unique and different method to bring people together in person to strengthen trust and collaboration. It is about creating a paradigm shift in how we work  and communicate with each other. 

The method has three basic components; conscious communication, somatic (body) intelligence, and nature/ecosystem thinking layered over a foundation of optimal well-being. We understand that the true asset of any organization is its people so our approach is to remove as much stress, overwhelm and burnout as possible so your organization is instead full of high performing team members.

Imagine a new approach to shifting your culture that can be deeply transformative while engaging your team in playful learning experiences. This is the intention of the Alternavida method.

Conscious Communication

This is the deeper, more profound, ongoing leadership work. If 90-95% of the brain/body operates unconsciously then we have a significant amount of things we don't know that we don’t know about ourselves, especially how we communicate internally (inner voice) and externally with others. The subtle energy of our thoughts and emotions translate out through our body language, tone of voice, eyes, and magnetic field. Most team dynamics break down from limiting beliefs, withholding, and being stuck in a blame or victim mindset. The key is to become aware of these unconscious behaviors and shift into a different mindset. We prioritize teaching those mindset shifts collectively as a team so the shared learning experiences can be leveraged and support creating new agreements for how people choose to work together. The result encourages individuals to speak and listen with intention, paving the way for a workplace where people feel heard, and valued. The ripple effect? A culture steeped in trust, collaboration, and mutual respect.

We utilize powerful frameworks for conscious communication developed by the Hendricks Institute and the Conscious Leadership Group.To practice conscious communication, one must first become aware of what they are experiencing in their body as sensations.. Practice being aware of personal feelings, emotions, and thoughts, and actions without judgment are key.

Diagram showing common body sensations

Somatic (body) Intelligence

As a component of conscious communication, the body carries a significant amount of wisdom that we often override and ignore. Learning to connect with our whole brain/body is a key to opening up new pathways to our inner wisdom. We like to teach these concepts outside in nature, while people are fully in their body and learning from their experience. The result is a much higher percentage of learning retention and easier comprehension of subtle, yet powerful, concepts.  Somatic intelligence refers to the capacity to comprehend and adeptly utilize information originating from our bodies and physical sensations. Even though this is frequently neglected in corporate settings, it is a paradigm shift for employees to cultivate skills that help them better manage stress, sharpen focus, and stimulate creativity, consequently cultivating higher productivity. This body intelligence only widens our outlook but also encourages us to fully embrace our experiences and effectively move through emotions versus trying to bottle them up and control them.

Diagram of Human Emotions

Nature and Ecosystem Thinking

Drawing inspiration from the natural world, Casa Alternavida emphasizes the importance of aligning corporate practices with the principles of nature and ecosystems. This approach encourages businesses to think beyond linear growth, advocating for sustainability, adaptability, agility and interconnectivity. By replicating the resilience and diversity of natural ecosystems, organizations can foster an environment that thrives on collaboration and innovation, ensuring longevity and success. One common question we ask is “how would nature do it” whenever pondering a complex challenge or situation.

Optimal Wellbeing 

This is a critical foundation for the Alternavida model and for any leader we work with, because without making time for self-care, it’s challenging for you to show up as your best self to manage the day to day interactions and potential challenges. In other words, if you aren’t eating cleanly, sleeping regularly, breathing deeply, hydrating often (water), and moving daily your capacity to be resourced is diminished. In a world where burnout and work-related stress are all too common, Alternavida champions a holistic approach to. The optimal well being philosophy can be experienced directly when you book your retreat with us at Casa Alternavida, taking you beyond the confines of the office, and giving an experience that you should feel the results in your whole body. Such practices not only enhance physical well-being but also bolster mental clarity and emotional resilience. 

Alternavida’s Methodology for Team Transformation 

So, how does one implement these lofty ideals into the gritty reality of day-to-day corporate life? It starts with obtaining buy-in from the executives and top line leaders in an organization. And their commitment is typically obtained after an in-person experience helps them see/feel the benefits. These practices aren't just theories; they're proven methodologies that have transformed workplaces into sanctuaries of creativity, productivity, and well-being. Our leadership retreats, and team building experiences are the first step toward enhancing your workplace culture while yielding a significant ROI. 

Final Thoughts

Alternavida's transformative methodologies aren't about adopting a new corporate policy; it's about embracing a multi-tiered philosophy that champions the well-being of its people above all. In a world clamoring for authenticity and purpose, the Alternavida approach guides organizations toward a future where work is not just a place you go, but a place where you grow. Let this be a call to action, not just for business leaders but for anyone who believes in the power of change. The journey begins with a single step - are you ready to take it? 

If you are curious about a retreat for your team, please feel free to call, email, or message us.


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