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The Magic of Motivating Your People Through Teambuilding

The Magic of Motivating Your People Through Teambuilding

A company's success is measured by more than just a balance sheet and profits. It’s a unified culture that makes it successful long-term, and that culture is formed by both the leaders and the employees.

We need only look to the alarming statistics of our post-pandemic era to see what harm disunity can bring. A Gallup poll conducted in late 2021 of more than 50,000 found that only 34% felt engaged with their company, while a staggering 16% of respondents stated that they felt actively disengaged with their employer. Not only do these numbers reflect the lowest levels of engagement in more than a decade, but they also constitute a significant decline from the first half of 2021, when engagement levels were found to be at 36%, a number that had not changed from the tumultuous year of 2020.

This substantial and sudden decline in employee engagement may well have helped galvanize the flight of American workers during this era of the Great Resignation. In other words, millions of employees today are feeling stuck, disenfranchised, and disaffected. It’s perhaps little wonder, then, that they’re leaving their jobs in droves.